In this article we are going to go though a few ways to improve your overall kitesurfing fitness. Here’s a list of our favourite companies that can help you to get the most out of your body.

There’s loads to go through here but first I would just like to say that.

  1. Im not a qualified PT
  2. Everything here has helped me greatly and I am not recommending anything that is not from direct and positive experience.

That being said lets get into it.

Okay so in my humble opinion there are three branches to fitness, someone with more experience will probably be able to prove me wrong but hey ho here we go 🙂

What are your kitesurfing fitness goals?

So first off you need to figure out what it is that you want to achieve, is it feeling better the next day? Is it more strength to do those handle passes or take those landings? Or perhaps it’s about having more comfort and balance in those awkward positions.

Don’t get me wrong anything you do will help as long as you do it right. Stretching, Mobilizing, Strength and Conditioning Training will all help. But sometimes it’s too much to do everything at once and if you go too hard you end up affecting your next session negatively.

This took me many years to figure out. You want to do as much as you can to take care of your body, but you don’t want to do so much that you start to affect you sessions otherwise you just get better at pull-ups and not kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing Fitness Goal 1 – Feeling Better The Next Day.

Keeping on top of small niggles. Finding strength in awkward positions and generally punishing yourself just a bit more in order to feel better the next day.

The Ready State. Aka Mobility WOD

Read our full review of The Ready State.

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Alright these guys are legit. An almost foolproof guide to stretching out and mobilising that niggly body part. If you need something working on The Ready State will show you exactly the stretches and exercises to do to help you out. It’s not a magic pill, but if you keep on top of your regular niggles you will definitely be investing in yourself wisely.

Their basic routine takes 18 mins. I do one every evening whilst watching a Steven Segal Movie. I highly suggest Exit Wounds or Under Siege for terrible, terrible, brilliant cinema. Totally would recommend The Ready State for anyone that is active regularly.

Kitesurfing Fitness Goal 2 – Feeling Stronger For Your Next Session.

Building Strength, Flexibility and Balance without it effecting your next Kite Session. Finding your weaknesses and fixing them slowly.

Elements – GMB

GMB have been going for about ten years? (I think it’s been ten, at least eight, lol.) They are a gymnastic and martial arts trio that started a fitness company based on the premise of:

‘What’s the point in working out if it destroys your ability to enjoy the rest of your life.’

You all know what I mean, those doms after a CrossFit session that leave you barely able to walk. Even after you have done a Ready State session to help curb the worst of it you still feel wobbly on your feet and don’t want to try that new trick.

Well GMB have a really simple and pretty awesome bodyweight series that builds strength, flexibility and balance gently. That doesn’t mean it’s not hard, it’s hard as balls but it doesn’t leave me feeling destroyed. It also gives you the option to make the session significantly easier on request so if you do have a big session coming up and want to save your strength you can without skipping a day.

Functional movements and increasingly more challenging with every session it’s my go to work out. I would definitely recommend it as a routine that you can follow day on day off, no matter what you are doing later that day.

Kitesurfing Fitness Goal 3 – Getting Significantly Stronger for a Specific Reason.

Need more strength to smash a handle pass? Generally need to improve strength all over? Check this out.

The Recommended Routine – Reddit

Reddits Recommended Routine is no joke, it requires some equipment a lot of time and dedication and you will definitely feel it the next day. However if you do it on the regular you will definitely see results.

Just a word of warning though. This is a full body routine designed with the sole purpose of building strength in your body. It will definitely affect your ability to perform the same or next day.

In fact I would say that on the days where I have really pushed myself I have had trouble walking for two to three days afterwards.

If you don’t kite often or do anything else that is demanding and you want to keep on top of your fitness for when you do hit the water this is definitely reccomended.

If you kite regularly or are regularly active I wouldn’t recommend this routine unless you plan on having a rest day to recover.

Good Luck!

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any questions hit me up on the contact form below!