Need a job next Summer?

With everything that’s happening it’s hard to know what to do this summer. However we are planning to be open as usual and if you are looking for some fun, active and challenging employment then why not give us a shout. 🙂


No Experience Necessary –

Can you make a mean coffee? Awesome! if not, don’t worry we will teach you everything you need to know. If you are looking for a Barista Job in Marazion and Penzance then give us a shout. We pride ourselves on making amazing Coffee and delivering excellent service. If you are organised and a hard worker then this job could be for you!

The other side of the business is Water Sports. If you are looking for a watersports instructor job next summer you are in luck! We need a BSUPA instructor to help run paddleboarding lessons and the school on a day to day basis..

No Instructor qualifications, no problem, you can grab a job and train as you go. We will give you all the training you need to become an Assistant Instructor so that you can go and become a Full instructor when you are ready.

If you think that a job on the beach during Summer sounds like fun then please get in touch!

Thins that will help your application:

Any First Aid Certifications.

Any Watersports experience.

Any Cafe/Barista training.

BKSA and/or BSUPA Qualifications.