The Best Kitesurfing Apps.

Lets face it there is a wealth of apps on the market and it’s mainly down to personal taste as the data they are going to much the same as the next one. So here is a list of my favourite kitesurfing apps for getting the job done and making sure that we always stand the best chance of a session.

That being said there’s a lot more than just the wind forecast that goes into planning an Epic session, so here’s a quick overview of my favourite apps so that you can turn up to the beach with little to no surprises.


Windfinder is an AMAZING APP, it’s super clean easy to follow and has a great user interface, you can save your favourite spots to the home page and not be overwhelmed by multiple forecasts.

If you’re just staring out then this is an excellent first stop. It’s totally free, usually pretty accurate and shows the direction, swell, tides and everything else is a super easy to read set-up.

This App is free for basic forecasts which is awesome, but if you want the Super-Forecast get the paid version, or head to their website where it’s free 🙂

The Met Office App

The Met Office App is always worth checking out if it’s light winds. I find that Windfinder is great from letting you know the direction and general gist, but if a few knots will mean the difference between success and failure it’s always worth getting a second opinion.

If the Met says a similar thing to Windfinder then you’re in for the win! If they’re saying opposite things then try to take an average and go with that.

This App is totally free.


Magic Seaweed is technically a surfing app not a kitesurfing app but depending on which beach you are at it’s always worth checking MSW. Not only does it have an excellent Surf Forecast, which is great if you’re looking for windy kickers, but perhaps more importantly it allows you to check real time beach webcams.

See kites? Then you know the session is on. It’s also great for getting a visual on tidal heights if your beach is restricted at certain tidal states.

This App has a free tier, with ads and a paid tier without, both are definitely worth it.


The Safer Seas App is amazing. Again technically it’s not strictly a kitesurfing app, but one for all water users. Once you have set up your favourite beaches it will automatically ding you any time those pesky water companies dump a bunch of raw sewage into the sea.

Always worth avoiding a floater if at all possible.

It covers most beaches in the UK so it’s always worth a quick check! This App is totally free, which is amazing.

What 3 Words

What 3 Words is for those that are safety conscious. What 3 Words is an app that will provide you with three words that describe your position perfectly to emergency services.

An example could be Fox.Left.Down which would describe the section of the beach that you are currently on.

It’s an awesome app for getting help to someone who needs it. I have had a few conversations in my life where I wish I could have said three words instead of ‘If your’e looking out to sea, right of the pub, 100m ish, over the wall, on the beach, orange beanie. 

What 3 Words is free and trust me will be something amazing to have in your back burner for that one time you need it.

Again totally free.

Loads more Kitesurfing Apps.

Yeah, I’ve missed loads and loads of Apps out and I’m sure that a few of you will say that one is better than another so if you have an ideas about what’s good or not…

Let me know!

I’d love to hear what apps you think are absolutely a necessity when it comes to planning your kite sesh.

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