How To Trim Your Kite.

I have been trying to beat my jump height record over the last two weeks (I got a personal best of 14m yesterday!) and have found that whilst a lot can be said for technique it is also a great idea to have your kite working at it’s best. So here is a very quick article on how to trim your kite, so that you can be ripping upwind in no time!

How To Trim Your Kite – Super Simple Version

Over the years I have be clamouring on about how to trim your kite properly and the differences it can make to getting the best performance for your session. When we first set up The Hoxton Special we made a bunch of instructional videos to help people out. Check out my really old video below:

The Super Simple Version

The Super In-depth Version

Five years ago there weren’t many videos explaining how to do this but now the bigger brands have figured out a clever way of advertising their new kit at you. Instructional Videos, dun dun dun!!!

So ignoring all the product placement, please check out Steven Akkersdijk’s awesome video about how to trim your kite to perfection!

Steven shows us how it’s done!

The Ridiculously Long But Also Very Good Version

Also, another video well worth watching is Kite Bud’s how to trim your lines after they have stretched or shrunk. This video is far more in depth and will really help you out in the long run. Definitely worth a watch!

Trimming stretched lines.

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