Learning to Kite Surf is EASY (if you do this…)

Kitesurfing lesson in marazion south cornwall
Lesson 1 – Kite Set-Up and Basic Flying Skills

You heard me.

Learning to kite surf is easy as long as you follow a few simple rules….

Hey everyone!

At The Hoxton Special we teach hundreds of people a year how to successfully kite surf, safely and easily and there are a few keys to our success so in this small article I’m going to outline how we do it, so you can get an idea about how we teach and also apply this to your own kitesurfing progression.

Tip #1


Seriously, choose a good size down from everyone else, even better choose two sizes down. The less power you have the more freedom you have to make mistakes which means you can dramatically speed up the learning process.

Making mistakes is part of the game, in fact we encourage you to make mistakes as often as required. At the end of the day if you are not making a mistake or two you aren’t learning.

Being under powered means that if you lose control you don’t get launched through the air, you just get a gentle tug.

Tip #2

Always Kite Underpowered.

Another common mistake is clients wanting to go kitesurfing when it’s super windy. Actually the best kind of wind is around 12knots, this is light, and realistically difficult to actually kite surf in however for learning purposes this is absolutely ideal.

There are two reasons for this. the first reason is the same as Tip 1, less power equals more margin for error. The second reason is that kiting under powered means you have to have great technique and in Kite surfing, technique is everything.

It’s super easy to get dragged along behind a kite in 20 knots but it’s also not very fun unless you have control. By learning to fly a kite in 12 knots you will learn how to actually fly a kite. You will learn to create power when you need it and get rid of it when you don’t.

Light wind kite flying creates amazing kite surfers.

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Tip #3

Don’t underestimate the power of a trainer kite.

Seriously trainer kites are the best thing in the world to learn to kite surf. I would actually bet a large amount of money that I could teach someone to kite surf only using a trainer kite and then when they got on to an actual kitesurfing kite they would need very little (if any) instruction on what to do. All the skills that you need to learn can be learnt on land and we deliberately keep students on land for a little longer so that they have the confidence, understanding and requisite skills to be able to fly kitesurfing kite. After that the teaching is pretty much done, it’s just a case of getting in the water and practicing.

Grab a trainer kite here and get to learning how to kite surf!

Bonus Tip:

Use Half lines.

Half lines will do two things, they will dump more power out of the kite allowing you to use you kite in a greater wind range. They will also make your wind window smaller forcing you to really learn to react and control your kite properly.

After you pop back to full length lines you will feel that flying a kite is a breeze (terrible pun intended)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!