The Sun is shining!

Ok, I admit it, it has been an epic week down here at The Hoxton Special, first off we had an awesome few days of wind and smashed the kitesurfing all week, and now just in time for the bank holiday we have this amazing heat wave.

The sun is out and it is glorious. There’s not even any wind to contend with at the moment which makes it perfect weather for paddleboard hire and kayak hire.

Explore Mounts Bay by Kayak

Paddleboarding and Kayak in Marazion

SUP and Kayak rental is a great way to get the whole family out and enjoy the sunshine. It’s also super easy and a really fun to learn. Luckily we offer both paddleboard and kayak hire, as well as SUP Lessons and courses so if you are a little nervous then you can go out with an instructor.

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