So everyone knows what’s going on and a lot of us are sat here thinking, well ca@p, there goes my summer….

It’s frustrating to see so many people out and about and seemingly not playing by the rules, but then again every time I go to walk my dog (which is once a day for less than an hour) I get the same looks, what are you doing out? I guess in the ling run we just have to trust in the fact that the pictures that we see of the assholes are the few, and that the many who are staying at home aren’t in the limelight because it doesn’t make for exciting news.

My life, along with everyone else’s, i’m sure has been flipped upside down. My business relies solely on the ability to be allowed outdoors and in social situations. We sell, if you don’t know already, a lifestyle. We sell Coffee, Cake, Kitesurfing, Yoga, all sorts, but really it’s just an excuse for people to join together and have a great time.

Summer is usually a super busy time for me, it’s a lot of fun and a lot of work. My diet goes out the window, mainly I just live of McDolands, Cake, Coffee and Beer, and I still lose weight, i guess that’s what 12 hour days 7 ays a week for five months does to you.

So what now? I’m sat at my desk, in my house, missing all of you. I wish we could be out there getting sunburnt, smashed by some waves and sand in our hair.

Silver Linings

So I spent the first week pulling my hair out, not getting out of bed, playing too much PlayStation and then I thought, Sh!t, instead of wallowing I should get off my arse and actually catch up on the stuff that I have been ignoring for the last two years. There’s plenty of hare brained, half baked, ideas that have never seen the light of day.

One thing that has been bothering me massively over the last two years is my incapacity to keep a decent fitness regime throughout summer and winter. I mean, don’t get me wrong i’m a physically fit person and do a lot more than most but still, I like to formally work out six times a week if i can. However, in the throws of Summer of the depths of Winter sometimes it can be very difficult to maintain, especially as the type of stuff I do (Gymnastic Rings) cannot be done at your regular gym, well definitely not in Penznace anyway.

My answer to this was The Hoxton Special. I installed a Pull Up Bar, and made sure that I was at work for 6am, giving myself the time i needed to do everything before the day really started. But now I find myself stuck in my house, with no gym.

Then it hit me, the reason why my workouts suffered wasn’t because I din’t have the time, it’s because I couldn’t do it everywhere. I was stuck with being at my hut, and lets face it on a dark winters morning I’d rather stay in bed!

What has the Lockdown taught me so far?

Well it’s taught me this:

Make time to do the nagging things in your head.

The lockdown has given me the time to sit on my arse and get bored enough to actually get off my arse and do something, anything, even those things that I have been avoiding to do for such a long time. Last week I built a pull up bar in my back garden. It terrified me the first time I hung from it, but hey it works and now when I sit down on the sofa in the evening I have one less thing nagging at me.

Good for you dude, you worked out, well done!

I’m not telling you to be productive, all i’m saying is, if you’re having a hard time relaxing maybe just try to eliminate some of the things that are keeping you up at night.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!