Hey guys!

What a Half term we have had, it’s been awesome! Anyhoo! We have some exciting news, STRYDER kiteboards are coming to town and bringing with them their new selection of boards.



12pm – BBQ is Lit and Reggae Music is Pumping

We have an awesome oil drum BBQ which is plenty big enough for everyone. Please bring your own food and drink, we can provide the basics. Flippers, Tongs, Coal etc.

We are setting up the sound system to pum out some funky tunes for everyone to listen to!

12:30pm Stryder Sets up their epic selection of boards.

STRYDER have an amazing selection of boards including the Genesis, Halo, Sigma and Havok this range caters for every type of rider so be sure to get down and have a go!

1pm – Wind Magically Appears

We have a lovely southerly breeze forecast for Sunday so it should be good!

1pm-5pm Stryder Lets you demo their new range of boards.

Everyone Kitesurfs, Eats BBQ and listens to some great tunes. They try out some amazing boards, have a great time and go home knackered!

See you guys there!