Last Sunday was a first for us at The Hoxton Special. I got a call from a friend asking me if I would mind showing some of the Royal Navy Kitesurfing Crew how to learn some new skills. As you can imagine, I was super stoked when I heard they would be coming to Cornwall, and even happier when I heard that they would be coming to learn at The Hoxton Special.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning with a little bite in the air. Despite the early hour everyone was raring to go. Suited and booted we headed down to Gwithian beach, which was on form, with a steady 20 knots of wind coming in from the North-West.

With the tide slowly receding we headed into the water and started warming up. On the agenda today was Dark-Slides and Up-wind riding. Over the three hour kitesurfing lesson everyone did their best. There was lots of crashing, falling and general mucking about, interspersed with plenty of improvements all round.

Here is a quick video of the days exploits.

Have a nosey at the photos!