12-11-22 – Live Weather Update.

Hey everyone, we have just finished a few updates to the weather station. We have changed provider for the live weather feed so it will be more reliable (hopefully).

We are now on a full Davis set up which means that you will no longer be able to access it via wind finder, however you will be able to access it via our website. The easiest way to find it, is this link here. or you can copy and paste the full address here: www.thehoxtonspecial.com/quick-menu

The other update is:

Our router is now operating on 12v power which means that our internet connection should be uninterrupted as it will no longer require a generator to power. This should mean that you will continue to get live wind readings even when we are CLOSED.

Hell Yeah.

Marazion Webcam and Live Weather Back Up!

Hey everyone, we have been working super hard to get everything back up and running so you can see all the live weather all the time.

After the last set of issues with the webcam we now have it back up and running!

We are still working on a daylight switch for the camera but it’s not at the bottom of the queue. Both the weather station and the webcam will be running daily from around 10-5. As we continue to improve the battery systems and smart switches this will get better, but as I said it’s just not a priority at the moment.

Hoxton Web App!

We have been working on making the marazion webcam and weather station easier to reach. This can be done via our new Web App. You can install a special webcam and weather page to your phone which will get you there via a shortcut.

Check out the video below!