Demo Day in Full Swing at The Hoxton Special

The Beast From The East (Again)

Well, what can I say! It’s a rare occasion these days that all the elements align and we get a wind dependant demo with wind, despite the fact that we live in what seems to be one of the windiest places on earth.

I’m writing this in the middle of The Beast From The East Vol 2. with 45knots rapping at the windows. The winds have been building steadily over the last few days and the Demo Day caught the front of the system delivering strong but sensible winds for all our riders to go and try their kit.

We had a solid show from the local kitesurfing club the KKC who came down to partake in the solid conditions and show off their moves as well as a solid influx of tourists and passers by.

It was an amazing day, albeit with some tricky shore dump to negotiate earlier on. But all in its was awesome. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to kite surf now is the time, the wind is easing off tomorrow and delivering some perfect beginner conditions just in tome for the easter holidays.

The Boys just hanging out.

Photos From the Day

Just want to say a massive thanks to Ian Butt who came down to take some amazing photos, you can check out his facebook page here and also to the guys at Liquid Force Kiteboarding UK for supplying the kit.