So how many of you know what to do when you se a fellow kitesurfer in trouble and how to perform a kitesurfing boat rescue? I would hazard a guess and say not too many of you. I was lucky when I was living out in Spain and doing my IKO training I did quite a lot of kitesurfing boat rescues, but when I went to do my Senior Instructor Certification with the BKSA (3 Years Later) I was asked how to do a boat rescue, and to my surprise I couldn’t remember correctly. I guess the old adage “Use it, or lose it.” holds true.

Since then i’ve done a few kitesurfing boat rescues myself, and been rescued a few times as well. When I saw this video on youtube I thought wow. It’s a really down to earth and detailed account of how to perform a  boat rescue. If you’ve ever wondered how its’ done or just think you need a refresher then you should definitely give this video a good watch.

Kitesurfing Boat Rescue – How to rescue a kite surfer

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You can find a great short article about kitesurfing from the RNLI here.