It’s a weird question right?

I mean everyone knows how to hold a kite board, or do you.

How to hold your Kiteboard – The Handle

So yes, you’re right, you do use the handle. Holding the kiteboard by the handle is the most intuitive way to hold it, you can close your fingers around it and it and get a firm grip. But which handle should you use?

On most boards there are three handles. The centre one, this is the most commonly used one and offers you the least amount of benefits. You can also use the two foot straps as handles and these will offer you many more benefits when done correctly.

Next time your are waling into the water, try holing your board with the front foot strap. This way any waves that bash your board will push the board behind you and not up into your face. You will also find that putting the board on requires much less flexibility when you are holing the front foot strap.

How to hold your Kiteboard – Which end is the front end?

Most of us will ride a twin tip as we are getting into the sport and as we know the boards are multi directional, what this means is that the board will change front and back depending on which direction your are going. If you are travelling to the right, then the right foot strap is your Front, if you are travelling to the left then your left foot strap is your Front and your right foot strap is your Back.

How to hold your Kiteboard – Body Position

I would recommend keeping the board behind you until you are ready to put the board on. Again this keeps the board out of the way while you get battered by the wind and the waves. Only once you are ready to put the board on should you bring the board round to in front of you.