Yoga and Meditation Classes Start your day the right way

Yoga and Meditation Yoga classes and Meditation at The Hoxton Special

Here is a list of Online resources, tried and tested that will help you stretch and relax even when you can\’t get to the beach.
Grab this amazing free app and keep yourself limber and fit at home.
They have tonnes of different yoga classes for you to follow from the VERY easy to the NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. It\’s simple, it\’s free, and you only need a phone or tablet and you\’re in for the win!
Meditation is equally important as flexibility and fitness. Get a daily dose of calm with this app. It has a free 10 day trial, which is excellent. After that it\’s about £50 a year. Worth every penny.
If Headspace is a little rich for your blood or you\’re just not sure try Smiling Mind, it\’s an awesome, and totally free meditation App. Well worth a look.