Location We have best beaches in the UK!

When learning to kite surf location is everything. If you are thinking about going kitesurfing school in Cornwall you are on the right track. Cornwall is one of the best places in the world to learn, no seriously, it’s awesome. 

Due to it’s amazing geography and with numerous beaches and locations to choose from as long as there is some wind, we can go kitesurfing.

The Hoxton Special uses two different locations for it’s lessons, both beautiful as each other. In Northerlies we go to Gwithian and in Southerlies we use Long Rock. This means that we can switch locations easily to suit the conditions. It also means that if you are a beginner we can almost always guarantee a nice sheltered flat water spot. If you’re an advanced rider, we can take you to a more challenging but much more fun spot to try your latest tricks out!

Choose your Kitesurfing Location

The Kitesurfing School at Long Rock

Long Rock Beach is a little known gem. In-between Penzance and Marazion this flat and sandy beach offers a perfect learning environment for beginner kite surfers.

Whilst the advanced riders mostly use Jordans Car Park and play with the waves. Long Rock provides shelter from the swell, providing a flat water playground perfect for beginners and freestyle fanatics alike.

The Kitesurfing School at Gwithian

When the wind blows from the north, there is nowhere better to go that Gwithian Beach. With a huge tidal range this means that we can kite surf all day in waist high water. Golden sands and massive amounts of space on and off the water means its a beautiful day out. Not to mention it has my favourite place, perfect for a cold pint or warming hot chocolate after an epic session. Make sure you pay Sunset Surf Cafe a visit.