Kitesurfing Rental and Season Pass Make the most of your summer!

Make the most of the windy season, but don’t own your own kit? This year we are offering two types of Kitesurfing Rental for all of our customers.

Problem Solved

Season Rental:

If you are here fo a while you can sign up for our Season Pass. It’s £80 per month and gives you complete and free reign on all of our kit throughout the season. 

Day Rental:

If you are here for a day you can just rent the kit for a few hours.

Benefits Include:

Piece of mind. When hiring kit from us you will always be under the close eye of our instructors. Value for money, more hours on the water for less. Decent Kit, our school kit is always kept to the highest standards. The right Kit. We have loads of kites, we have the right kite for the conditions.

Season Hire

Session Hire