Mounts Bay A guide to Kitesurfing Marazion and LongRock

Mounts Bay can offer some of the most amazing conditions in the UK
Mounts Bay can offer some of the most amazing conditions in the UK

Hey everyone,

How are you doing? In this quick little article I just wanted to share a couple or “trade” secrets with you. If you’ve ever thought of visiting Mounts Bay for a session then there are a couple of things you should know before you arrive.

In order to make things simple I have split the area into three sections so that you can see the pros and cons of each and make up your own minds as to where you want to kite from. 

kitesurfing map of marazion


The Hoxton Special

Long Rock


Parking at the St Michaels Mount car park can be very expensive and very busy. With a fixed day rate it often works out as the most expensive option.

If you want to park right in the middle of the bay then this is your best option, this council run car park offers different rates for different durations and while it is not the cheapest it is often worth checking as the machine is broken at least once a month.

Long Rock car park is the best in my opinion as it is by far the cheapest option. £1 for 24 hours with no parking attendant, no restriction on vehicle size and pretty much always a space.


There is a small Cafe in Marazion Car Park, and some Toilets a short walk from the Beach. There are also plenty of shops in Marazion.

The Hoxton Special has a Cafe, Changing Rooms, Steps straight onto the beach, a wind meter, a hut for shelter and an instructor permanently on site. There are toilets a short walk away and a pub and cafe for hot snacks and more substantial food.

Long Rock has absolutely no facilities whatsoever!

Spot Type

Marazion is generally quite wavey, with a small onshore beach break, it works really well in a South Westerly. Generally to be avoided in an Easterly.

In the middle of the bay, we get a little bit of both. The waves tend to peel for a little longer and there is generally more time in between waves than down at Marazion. Works well Easterly, Southerly and Westerly.

Long Rock is where it’s at if you are keen on flat water. Long Rock forms a swell break giving this section butter flat waist high water. It is best on a South Easterly but works well on Easterly or Southerly. There are some rocks underfoot, so wetsuit boots are recommended for beginners.