Weather Station Update

Update 22-10-20

Righty, time for a quick update!

Lockdown has finished, although we may well be heading into another one in a few weeks, who knows.

BT have finally finished the necessary repairs to the phone line which hopefully is the end of those particular problems. We now have a 6meg connection which is fast enough to live stream a webcam out to everyone on the internet.

Our problems now come with the fact that the salt water seems to have destroy ed our camera and we still need to set up some port forwarding and finally an interface that will allow you all to see the bay and get a wind reading at will.

Moving forward we hope to have a new webcam installed in the next few weeks. After that we shall start tackling the port forwarding issues (the stem of all our troubles, which should be resolved by using a static IP off a phone line, instead of a data connection)

As always you can find the live wind feed on wind finder for your viewing pleasure. Just search for The Hoxton Special.

Okay that’s it!

Update 5/5/20

Hello everyone again! So I have just spoken to BT who have very nicely offered to hook us up with a 4G connection to the Hut, unfortunately I explained to them that we already have a 4G connection and that we need a landline to actually be able to do what we need to do. Which is allow you all to log on to the camera remotely from a non-local connection i.e from your homes or wherever you are that isn’t in The Hoxton Special.

The fight goes on!

Update 7/4/20

COVID-19 has stopped all work until further notice, sorry guys!

Update 3/3/20

Hey everyone,

Just to fill you in. We are still trying to get a solid internet connection to the hut. It has turned out not to be a simple job at all.

Just to fill you in: We need a landline connection to make a live video feed possible. Currently we have a high speed data connection but due to a fundamental difference in the technologies used this will not work.

BT and Openreach are doing everything in their power to help and are being incredibly transparent. They have just sent me this update.

BT’s Status Update

Update 1/2/20

The Box

Hi everyone!

So a few of you have been asking for updates for the weather station and webcam. You can access the weather station from windfinder at the moment. Once we have everything up and running the plan is to get everything shared with the other popular weather sites as well.

Currently we are waiting on an internet connection. The Box which was dug up early this week needs to be altered and a different team are going to be responsible for that.

I will update this post again as soon as something else happens!