Stage 4: The trouble with battery protectors.

Stage 4:

Stage four of the webcam build is to install the batteries and get a battery protector connected so that if the voltage goes below 12volts the load wil be cut.

This is SUPER important because Lead-Acid batteries do not do well under 50% charge. Once the battery dips below 50% it actually damages the battery and it will not hold it’s charge as well as before. What happens is a sort of cascade effect…

When the batteries are discharged the first some, some minor damage occurs. This means that the batteries do not hold their charge as well as before and therefore become discharged easier in the future. If you are running a daily cycle of charge and discharge then it only takes a matter of days before your batteries are rendered useless.

Last year we ruined a £440 battery bank by leaving my phone accidentally plugged in over night.

We chose the Victron Smart Battery Protect, it’s a very swanky bit of kit, but we are having trouble with getting it to work properly. Currently it is on it’s way back to the supplier to be checked for proper operation and will hopefully be returned either fixed or with some instructions on how to get it working. It has had myself and 12 Volt Planet absolutely stumped for the last month.

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